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Explosiva modeller Unisex X-Bionic X-Bionic Spyker Competition Värmare Herr svart (2018) Tillbehör FuaASJj6

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Explosiva modeller Unisex X-Bionic X-Bionic Spyker Competition Värmare Herr svart (2018) Tillbehör FuaASJj6


Tyvärr finns det ingen svensk produktbeskrivning än, men vi jobbar på det.

The new X-Bionic Spyker reduces sweat but doesn’t eliminate it. High-performance athletes consume up to 97 % of their energy to control body temperature, according to scientific research from the University of Dortmund in Germany. Similar to the principle of calf packing, or cold leg compresses when you have a fever, special 3D structures of the patented 3D-BionicSphere System lead to a widespread dispersal of sweat on the surface of the skin. That promotes evaporative cooling, which saves energy. This natural turbo-charging effect gives you extra oomph for forward motion and transforms sweat into energy.

Skin Nodor
Skin Nodor is a climate-activated nano-filament which incorporates an inorganic, bacteriostatic ingredient in its interior. The gradual release of ions, which are activated by body heat, is the key to the effectiveness of Skin Nodor. These ions inhibit the growth of microorganisms rather than eliminating them outright, thus preserving the delicate balance of the skin‘s ecosystem. In other words, Skin Nodor is bacteriostatic (i.e. it inhibits bacterial growth), rather than bactericidal (bacteria-killing). Therefore, allergic reactions do not occur. Skin Nodor is especially soft and breathable and provides superior fit.

Impact-absorbing, hollow-core fibres for reducing pressure and impact thanks to enclosed air chambers.

Air-Conditioning Channel
X-Socks positioned the Air-Conditioning Channel under the arch of the foot, the area that normally does not touch the ground. It begins there and then moves along the foot up to the cuff. Covering only 30 % of the skin’s surface, it is constructed using a fine-knit mesh, so with every step, moist air is pumped out of the shoe and fresh air is drawn back in. An optimal air circulation system for the foot is now a reality: fresh air can even be circulated within a snug-fitting shoe.


  • AktivBund ser till att strumporna sitter bra utan att glider ner
  • Smart Compression Zone improves blood circulation, reduces muscle vibrations
  • Normal storlek Visa storlekstabell
  • Tight fit, sportigt snitt